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What is The Therapist Toolbox?

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift.

The work of life is to develop it.

The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

~David Viscott

Easy, enjoyable, and excellence! These are my 3 E’s when it comes to my experience as a Featured Clinician with Ariel Friese with The Therapist Toolbox!

Right from the start — with a warm invitation, intuitive application process, clearly defined expectations of the filming and the product, through the easy-to-follow directions to the location and parking — anticipating working with Ariel gave me the sense I was about to work with a professional who respected my time and my contribution to The Therapist Toolbox. Then, upon arriving at Ariel’s office, I was promptly met and enjoyed light conversation in the privacy of her cozy office space. Ariel’s genuine interest and enthusiasm for the filming of my technique was contagious and, before I knew it, I also was at ease and eager to share my knowledge. We concluded on time and I continued with the rest of my day. As a professional who is quite familiar with giving talks to the community, I was greatly impressed with Ariel’s kindness, professionalism, and commitment to the process.

Overall, I can highly recommend applying to be a Featured Clinician for The Therapist Toolbox. Throughout my involvement with Ariel and The Therapist Toolbox, I felt encouraged as well as respected, and that my contribution was helpful. Thank you for this opportunity, Ariel!

Barbara Sheehan-Zeidler


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