It all started in early 2016…Two busy therapists got to talking about their favorite, go-to interventions – the ones that inevitably lead clients to those magical “a-ha moments” in session. And they realized – every therapist has one (or many) of those interventions and by creating a platform through which to share them, we as a community could only become stronger and more united in our life’s work. We know that together we are better and stronger, and we can change lives. So the product is, what we believe, the next best thing in therapy.


Just like our clients, we all get stuck, need consultation or supervision, and can feel ill-equipped to have the tools and knowledge to helps our clients in these times. You may have an upcoming consultation group that just can’t come soon enough, or a clinical training you wish were happening between now and next week. So where do you turn when you are wishing you had more tools in your toolbox NOW


That’s where The Therapist Toolbox comes in. We are a place built by therapists for therapists, sharing brief videos of personal favorite tools and interventions, their theoretical background and how to bring the tool straight into your next session feeling confident and prepared. Search by Therapeutic Approach, Clinical Issue or Population, and we’re certain you’ll find helpful resources that will empower both you and your clients.  Our ever-evolving video library is designed for you to find the answers you are looking for, to bring in more a-ha moments to your sessions, and also for you to contribute your own personal expertise. You have valuable tools to help your clients, so we know you have valuable skills to offer your fellow clinicians! The more we share among each other, the more our field collectively improves the mental health of the world we live in. Join the movement and help us harness the collective wisdom of the therapist community!

Our Mission


Our mission at The Therapist Toolbox is to empower clinicians to invite more a-ha moments into every session. We aim to accomplish this by creating and offering a platform in which each of us can share and learn from one another, in the way so many of us learn best – in brief, video formats. We believe in community and the unique ability of of our profession to share and grow, for the benefit of our current and future clients.


The Therapist Toolbox website is the home base for sharing and connecting. We envision an ever-growing collection of interventions, submitted by everyday licensed therapists who have invaluable knowledge and tools to share, that they too once acquired, ultimately from other clinicians. We aspire to offer you something new to bring to sessions, interventions from a variety of treatment modalities, clinical populations, and clinical issues. This is your home-base to obtain tried-and-true interventions from an expanding community of therapists with hundreds of thousands of clinical hours and experience.