Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one video?

Yes please! We envision that there will be some clinicians that create mini-series, to build upon previous interventions or to explain an intervention that has multiple steps. Though we also want you to feel welcome to submit videos that are unrelated, covering various specialties of yours. We DREAM of the day that therapists have submitted multiple times and continue to think up new interventions to share!

How can I let my audience, clients and website visitors know I was featured?

We are developing a button to add to your website that will let visitors know you were “Featured on The Therapist Toolbox.” You can then link this button to The Therapist Toolbox website! We will have this feature available when the website launches!

Do I need to be licensed in my state to submit a video?

The short answer is yes. However, we are featuring pre-licensed clinician’s videos in our Facebook group. We definitely do not subscribe to the belief that the letters after your name determine your qualifications. It’s simply a legal matter and we’re not one to mess with legal advice.

Do I have to film my video with just me on camera? Can I have a mock client? Or interview style?

Yes to all 3! These are the available formats we’ve seen therapists use and that are effective in teaching.

a) Explaining your intervention
b) Using a mock client to demonstrate the intervention
c) Responding to questions about the intervention through an interview-style recording