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Filming takes place on Monday mornings at Ariel’s Denver office location (or on Zoom), if you absolutely cannot do Monday mornings, please let us know. Please e-mail to schedule a time.


Brainstorm 1-3 ideas for clinical interventions you would like to feature. The tool(s) can be a metaphor you use in therapy, an experiential exercise, strategy, worksheet you use, etc. The only requirement is that it can be explained in 15 minutes or less and it must be a powerful intervention or assessment, NOT simply an overview of the therapy you use or what it’s like to work with you as a therapist.


Complete this application to be considered for a video submission. This form will serve as your bio and video information when your video is posted to the site. Please e-mail this form back prior to your filming date, it will help you feel prepared, as well as help The Therapist Toolbox team organize your information for the website.


Read the information below to answer questions for yourself to help you prepare, and if you need examples you can view our sample video here!

Preparing to be a Featured Clinician

We have discovered the secrets to making the best video

1. Introduce YOU

  • Name
  • Practice Name
  • Who you work with

Introduce the Background of the Intervention

  • What intervention, assessment, etc. you will be covering in your video
  • What resources have you pulled from – think theorists, books, worksheets, trainings, and so forth

Introduce the Intervention

  • WHO: Who is this used with? What Kinds of clients?
  • WHEN & WHY: How would a therapist know when to use this intervention? Are there certain phrases, signs, patterns, clinical issues etc. that are presenting themselves in sessions that usually trigger YOU topull this tool out of your toolbox?
  • WHAT: What is the intervention? Explain it, demonstrate it, use a mock client, however you think you can teach it best!
  • CAUTIONS/CAVEATS: Are there things you want therapists to watch out for or consider with various clients? Are there some unique situations that might present themselves?
  • NEXT STEPS: What was the purpose of your intervention? Where would someone go from here?