Why We’re Here


Sometimes you just need a quick tool, intervention or assessment to bring into session with you. Our videos are around 15 minutes and feature a powerful tool you can learn and test out with your client!


Therapists must be continuously learning to stay relevant and that’s not cheap. But The Therapist Toolbox is a place to learn new tools from other clinicians without the huge investment.

Consultation Groups

Consultation groups are invaluable to our community. Sometimes our colleagues have just the right answer for a case we’re feeling stuck with. The Therapist Toolbox is a bit like having your consultation group in your back pocket whenever you need them!

Share Your Wisdom

You’ve got valuable experience and knowledge – you offer it to your clients, why not share it with your colleagues? Apply to become a Featured Clinician and share one of your favorite go-to interventions!

Why Recreate the Wheel?

Tap into the collective widsom of therapists, passed down to one another, all stored in one central location – our video library. We strive to become part of a movement that creates a record of interventions, assessments and tools that our experience has shown us to be useful in generating change for our clients.

Just Starting Out?

Are you a graduate student or a new professional? You may be wondering in which therapies you want to purse training, but don’t know where to begin. Our video interventions are focused on tools you can use in session today, though we hope they pique your interest enough to provide some guidance for your future professional investments!