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Finding Balance
in Recovery

Getting to the Destination Using EFT


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  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Angry Soda Bottle
  • Healing Hand
  • Helping Clients Identify Emotion in Their Body
  • Risk Assessment: Coordination of Safety
  • Intro to Trauma Assessment
  • Mindfulness & Addiction Treatment
  • Externalizing: A Narrative Concept
  • The Art of the Apology & Attachment Needs in Couples
  • Waking Dream Meditation
  • Integrating EFT & Gottman & Love Languages
  • Autonomic Nervous System Regulation through Resourcing
  • Using Sandplay & Bilateral Stimulation to Help Integrate Trauma
  • Setting Your Partner Up for Success
  • Mindful Eating: Help Clients Identify their True Form of Hunger
  • Explaining Attachment Theory to Clients
  • CORE Confidence: Parts I, II, III & IV
  • An Overview of, Assessment Tools and Interventions from Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT)
  • Reducing Conflict through Art Therapy
  • Recognizing the Negative Cycle in Couples Work Using EFT
  • Couple Communication Tip – The Inside-Outside
  • Empty Chair
  • Observational Reflections in Play & Talk Therapy
  • Reset Value Sort
  • Narrative Intervention for Problem Drinking
  • Perspective Taking
  • Speaker-Listener Game
  • The Rosebush Drawing
  • Grief Timeline
  • Shamanic Connection Exercise
  • Finding Balance in Recovery
  • Getting to the Destination Using EFT
  • Using Totika
  • Getting Off the Couch with Couples
  • Setting Couples Up for Success from the Start
  • CBT for Women with Substance Abuse
  • Positive State Awareness with Bilateral Stimulation
  • Disagreement-Related Offenses
  • The T-R-U-T-H Technique: Accepting and Embracing Tough Emotions
  • Clinical Resources in Veteran Mental Health
  • Using Attachment Wounds to Identify Core Needs
  • Families & Addiction
  • Emotional Awareness Exercise
  • Increasing Self Compassion & Addressing Core Beliefs
  • Smelly Scents – Mind-Body Connection
  • PET-C: Building Empathy in Relationships
  • Self Awareness: Self-Esteem Building Exercise
  • Communication Assessment: Blue Brick
  • Self-Compassion Meditation
  • Creative Hopelessness
  • Masks of Grief
  • Scaling Questions
  • Verbal Experiment in Mindfulness
  • Assessing the Difference Between Anxious Thought Rumination and OCD Obsessions
  • Termination Tree
  • Sandtray Therapy
  • Nature Basket
  • Expansion: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Articulate Your Emotions & Get Your Needs Met
  • ADHD From the Parent’s Perspective
  • Essential Oils in Your Office
  • Finding Balance in Recovery
  • Nervous System Regulation Activity
  • Psychoaromatherapy for the Psychotherapist
  • Emotional Thermometer
  • The Playlist of My Life: Play Therapy with Adolescents
  • Defusion: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Response Prevention Example Session
  • Physical Sensations Reflection in Play Therapy
  • Part 1: Eating Disorder Screening Questionnaire
  • Part 2: Improving Body Image
  • Part 3: Intuitive Eating
  • Part 4: What’s Eating You?
  • Part 5: Intuitive Self-Care
  • Part 6: Relapse Prevention
  • Part 1: Minding the Body in Psychotherapy
  • Part 2: Minding the Body in Psychotherapy
  • Part 3: Minding the Body in Psychotherapy
  • Loss Book
  • Ego States Primer
  • Container
  • Webinar: Being Present: Including the Nervous System in Therapy
  • Webinar: Psychoaromatherapy for the Psychotherapist
  • Webinar: Treating Complex PTSD and Dissociation with Integrative EMDR Therapy: A Resilience Informed Approach